How to use your Domain for email

Here are some popular options when choosing an email provider to use with your Domain.

Free email services are damaging trust in small business

If you have a domain for your website, you can use it for email too. An easy way to build trust.

How to keep your Domain details private

A Domain privacy option is now available for non-commercial registrations.

How to maximise your SEO for 2019

We cover the most important SEO criteria to implement to get your site ranked in 2019.

Your site's visibility now in hands of mass Google reviewer army

Google has contracted 10,000 people to look at your website and decide how well you qualify in expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness...

How to change your nameholder details
Is your website mobile-friendly?

Google has introduced a mobile-friendly test site to allow you to check whether they consider your website to be mobile-friendly or not..

DNC to share private data to protect against cyber threats

Soon the DNC will begin sharing withheld data with Cert NZ.

Self-conflicted Domains to be released to public

Soon the office of the Domain Name Commissioner will be following up to resolve all self-conflicted Domains.

Domain Name awareness research 2017

We look at some of the highlights of the NZRS Domain Name Awareness research completed last year.

General Data Protection Rules (GDPR) compliance required by May 25

If you conduct any business with, or monitor, private individuals in the EU, you'll need to comply with the GDPR rules by May 25th, or risk potentially huge fines.

dot NZ 2018 Registrar Conference highlights

We look at the highlights of this year's annual dot NZ Domain Registrar conference in Wellington.

Our Startup Journey from 150 to 500 Domains

Join us as we blog about our journey from 150 to 500 Domains.

How to improve your site's SEO

We've compiled a brief list of some of the more than 200 criteria Google uses to rank sites, that we believe are relevant to small business sites.

DNC adding domain privacy option

From 28 November 2017 individual registrants who are not in significant trade will be able to choose to withhold some personal details from the WHOIS.

Conflicted Names Process Ended

6,675 conflicted names were released on 27 October 2017, which are now free for anyone to register.

Google no longer bolding keywords in Domains

We explore the merits of a descriptive/category Domain name and try to answer why Google is no longer bolding keywords in search results.

Our Startup Journey from 50 to 150 Domains

Join us as we blog about our journey from 50 to 150 Domains.

Why you should host your site on https (SSL)

Google wants to make sure the sites they deliver in search results are secure. They've even made it part of their ranking signal. Find out why you should switch to https.

Deadline set to claim top level .nz Domains

If you own a conflicted .nz Domain you have until 18 October, 2017 to set your preference on its .nz equivalent - do you want it, or are you happy for another party to have it?

Top-level Domains keep .nz growing, but boom times over

In 2008 total .nz registrations grew by 90 per day (registrations less cancellations) By 2015 it was just 22 per day. We look at how the .nz Domain space has reached its plateau.

Our Startup Journey from 0 to 50 Domains

Join us as we blog about our journey from 0 to 50 Domains.

Our Startup Journey

Starting a business is not all dollars and glory. Follow us as we write about our journey from zero customers to building a profitable business.